We decided it would be best to take Winnie in to be winterized by professionals rather than doing it ourselves for a couple of different reasons.

  1. We aren’t confident enough in our abilities to know that everything that needed to be done, would be done.
  2.  We have other issues we wanted to have looked at.

It’s a good thing we did take her in. They found a problem with the a hose to the ice maker that we will have taken care of next spring when we de-winterize her.

After bringing her back home I noticed that the fresh water tank still was at a half of a tank.  We had emptied the gray and black water tanks after our last campout.  But, we did not use up all of the fresh water.  I just figured emptying the fresh water tank was part of the winterizing process.  Wrong.  After calling and asking them, we were informed it was not part of their winterization procedure.  Now to figure out where the plug was to empty it.  Remember what a time we had getting the water to stay in the tank!  Now to figure out the reverse.  Ugh.  We did it, but it sure took a while.  It took my son Kevin and I a couple of phone calls, reading the manual and searching every cubby inside and outside of Winnie. We found it! It was tucked away in the same basement compartment as the propane tank and not easily accessed or seen.  But at least now we know where it is and we can successfully sanitize the tanks in the spring.

Until next time,