17 Days as a Full-Timer RVer

Time seems to be flying by.  I can’t believe it’s been 17 days since we closed on our home and became full-fledged part of the RV lifestyle.

I can’t say I miss owning a home.  The only part so far that we miss is the washer and dryer.  It sure is expensive using a laundromat.  But, we knew that when we decided on this way of living.  I could have a washer and dryer in Winnie.  We do have the hookups for them.  I would lose precious pantry space if I did have them, the loads in RV washer and dryers are very small and we would need to use campgrounds with full hookup, which are more expensive.  So, for now, we use the laundromat.

We have been very busy making appointments and getting the last-minute things done before we head off on our new adventure and enjoy warmer weather.  I can’t believe how many items we have on our check list.  Between doctors, dentist, optometrist, vet, work on Winnie, a hitch on Winnie, etc., we are booked solid.

Loving the Life-Style.

Until next time,