Winnie’s Year-End Check-Up

We made an appointment to have a few things looked at just to make sure everything is as it  should be.  We want to keep Winnie in the best condition possible.  We asked to have the slide-outs checked, the awning, and the roof.  We have the extended warranty and hoped that whatever needed fixing would be covered except for our $200 deductible.  Good news.  All of our issues were minor and the total bill was less than our deductible.  I’m so glad we took her in.  Next spring we will have a few other issues to take care of, but for now she is ready for a long cold Michigan winter.

For the next few months we will continue to purge our belongings, readying ourselves for selling our s&b and become full-time rv’ers .  Some of it is easy to let go of, others-not so much. The process is taking much longer to do than I had imagined.  We have a ton of pictures.  I’ve decided to scan them and keep them on a thumb drive.  I’m not sure I will ever be done, but it is fun to reminisce.  Another issue I have is what to do with all my craft supplies.  I knit, crochet, embroider, sew, and craft. I have a lot of supplies.  We are not planning on renting a storage unit and I know it will not all fit in Winnie.  So what to do?  I am trying to decide what projects I will work on and take with and which supplies to store at one of our grown kids.  Lastly;  To keep? To toss? To donate? To sell? To give? and if to give, to whom?  Those are the questions we are asking.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Until next time,